Licence agreement

Your purchase of access to this eBook and the license code and all of its contents (“the eBook”) is subject to the terms and conditions of the agreement below (“the agreement”), and this is the sole agreement governing your use of the eBook and your obligations in relation to it.

You are the only person permitted to download and use this eBook under this licence agreement and any other download or use of the eBook other than in accordance with the “permitted use” referred to below will result in immediate termination of this licence agreement.

Permitted use

You may download the content purchased under this agreement and install it on any or all of your personal devices for your personal use.

You may make any copies of any part of the eBook for your own personal use as above including physical copies for your personal or professional use.

To the extent that the program through which you have downloaded the eBook permits, you may make bookmarks, highlights and notes on your copy of the eBook but not on any other copy.

With the consent of the publisher you may copy, cite, refer to all, or quote any or all of the eBook but only with that consent.

Ownership of the eBook

While you are, in line with the “permitted use” section of this agreement, allowed to use the eBook, you have no ownership in the eBook or any part of it. All ownership rights in relation to the eBook and its contents are retained by Bruce Shrink Ltd. and Bruce Shrink Ltd. reserves its rights to take any legal action to protect its rights and prevent any usage inconsistent with these ownership rights.

Further, and for the avoidance of doubt, the publisher has and retains the copyright of the eBook and all concomitant rights.

Your obligations under the agreement

Should you breach any of the obligations referred to below you agree that you will no longer be permitted to use the eBook in any way whatsoever and that this, and any other benefits you may have under the agreement, will be terminated.

You undertake not to perform any act, or enable or permit any other to do any act inconsistent with the “ownership rights” referred to above.

You undertake not to copy, transfer, publish, edit or otherwise use the eBook in anyway not consistent with the “permitted use” section above. And, subject to “permitted use” above, this includes uploading the eBook to any server or computer system accessible by anybody other than yourself.

The publisher warrants that the eBook can be downloaded by you in the form in which you may use it as per the “permitted use” section and, to the extent that this warranty is not satisfied, undertakes to provide another copy of the eBook or to rescind the agreement at the request of the purchaser and refund the purchaser.

Exclusion of liability

Except as stipulated above, the publisher makes no warranties and gives no undertakings in relation to the eBook and, in particular, does not warrant for the accuracy (including omissions, completeness or any of the content) of the eBook or that the eBook is suitable for any purpose. This relates to any warranty whether express or implied.

The publisher accepts no liability, whether under contract, in tort, or otherwise, in respect of this eBook, it’s use or otherwise, except in accordance with this agreement. This includes any indirect or consequential loss suffered by the purchaser or anyone else as a consequence of use or inability to use this eBook including, but not limited to professional liability, loss of data or damage to any computer or machine onto which the eBook is downloaded, or any financial loss